Comic Strips
"Rabbits Against Magic" is a webcomic that currently runs daily here.
"Fez Monkey" was a quickly discontinued political strip after too many cartoonists started drawing George W. Bush as a chimp.
"Bigshot" appeared in Film/Tape World magazine 1997-2002.
Zoo survived almost a year in the early nineties.
Aunty Freeze is best forgotten about.
Ha Ha Herman was a gratuitously violent strip that ran in some Viz Comic rip-offs in the UK.
Dick Jargon was a short and short lived detective strip from the eighties.
"Mr. Moosehead" appeared in Puppy Love Magazine 1991-1992.
"Checkbook Charlie" appeared in "Poot" comic in the late 80s.
"The Geek" appeared in Yowza Comic 1987. [1] [2]

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